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Personal Health Records

Google has introduced a tool that allows you to store and manage your health records online, and share them with any provider you choose. Microsoft's Health Vault can also download results from certain medical devices, like blood-pressure and glucose monitors , to track your vital signs. While those and similar tools from other companies are potentially very useful, they don't yet adequately integrate information from doctor's medical records and translate them into personalized and in-depth action plans, according to a commentary in the Jan. 19, 2011, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. And while security is getting better, there are still some concerns about medical information stored online or sent via the Web.

Our consultants say that while online personal health records still have a long way to go, they might help you keep your medical information organized. They might be worth considering if you're technologically savvy and are not overly concerned about online privacy.

We have taken email a step further and developed a secure website that allows you to make appointments online, get test results, view your medical history, pay bills, and set up self-care management reminders.